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Thank you for sharing the story of Kroger's, what a fascinating life lived!

As far as your Rundola - along with my and hundreds of local's obsession with Manitou Inlcine - yes, it is strangely addictive. Today was my #95 (I think) in 3 years, last year being the "worst" with weekly trips.

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Chuck was the best! And Kathy is so sweet! I miss them both, I’ll have to reach out her next time I’m in the area.

I have a short story about Chuck. We were running John Cappis’ Get Over It (his version of Get High) and Chuck and I ended up running most of the 2nd half together. It was great to hear his stories, especially about the rail bike! At some point he tripped on something and fell head first into jagged rocks. It was a superficial cut but it bled a lot. He was fine but I think he was concerned Kathy would be really worried about him because of all the blood. There he is out in the middle of nowhere, bleeding like crazy, but worried about his wife. Such sweet folks.

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That Rundola sounds so fun. Hope to join you next year!

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