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“Mountain Running & Living” features personal essays with practical advice about trail running, mountain life, and midlife grit.

Me training on trails above Telluride.

Until the end of 2023, I called the newsletter “Colorado Mountain Running & Living” to reflect my perspective writing from southwest Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. I dropped the “Colorado,” however, because most of the readers come from around the country and globe, and mosts posts appeal to aspiring trail runners everywhere rather than being Colorado-centric.

On this newsletter’s second anniversary, I conducted a survey to find out who reads this newsletter and why. Here’s a small sample of replies:

  • Sarah inspires me to keep running as I get older and not be afraid of doing longer distances.

  • I get inspired and feel connected to a running community.

  • I came for the ultra content and stayed for the writing.

  • I want to still be running trails when I'm in my 90s, and Sarah is showing me the way.

  • I live vicariously through Sarah’s adventures.

  • I'm a newer ultrarunner, and Sarah shares valuable information on running.

I started this newsletter, which comes out Wednesdays, in September 2021 to share training and life advice developed over 30 years as a dedicated long-distance runner and coach. More than a running newsletter, however, I write about leading a rustic, outdoor-oriented life in the San Juan Mountains and using the practice of mountain running to nurture health and adventure while aging with guts as well as grace.

Who reads this newsletter? My audience tends to be: runners, especially mountain/ultra/trail runners; Colorado residents or those who wish they lived here; older runners who want to stay athletic; and anyone interested in healthy living and mountain life. They share a love of running or hiking on trails, an interest in country living, and a desire to escape to the mountains.

Whether or not you live in Colorado, whether or not you’ve graduated from 5Ks to ultra-distance running, whether or not you’re in your mid-50s like me—if you’re interested in running, if you care about wellness and longevity, and if you desire to read stories with advice and inspiration that transport you to a scenic corner of Colorado, then this newsletter is for you.

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About me

For eight years, I specialized in coaching scores of runners in mountain/ultra/trail running, and I wrote a book (The Trail Runner’s Companion) that has the information and inspiration one needs to effectively self-train. I’ve run over 100 ultras and marathons since my first marathon in 1994, including some of North America’s toughest 100-milers. In my prime, I won several 50Ks and earned podium spots and age-group awards in ultras of all distances. When I turned 50, I won the 170-mile self-supported Grand to Grand Ultra, considered one of the toughest ultras on the globe.

You can find out more about my background at LinkedIn. Follow me on Instagram @sarahrunning and Strava.

Sarah in Silverton ultra
A shot from the Silverton Ultra Marathon, photo by Howie Stern.

I’m a 54-year-old empty-nester (my son, 22, is finishing college in Boulder; my daughter, 25, is working as a product designer in LA). I’ve been married for 33 years to my best friend from high school, Morgan.

Morgan and me at the start line of the High Lonesome 100-mile race.

After two decades raising kids and developing careers in the East Bay Area of California, we started a new life outside of Telluride, where my family roots stretch back to the 1870s. We built a home from scratch and filled our empty nest with two horses, two dogs, two cats, and a dozen chickens.

Sarah on her horses
Me with Maverick and Cobalt, our two quarter horses.

This newsletter grew out of my decade-old blog, TheRunnersTrip.com. I’ve written for running and lifestyle magazines including Trail Runner and Telluride Magazine, and I’m a columnist for UltraRunning magazine.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll subscribe and share it with friends.

- Sarah

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Personal essays with practical advice about trail running, mountain life & midlife grit.


A longtime mountain/ultra/trail runner & coach, columnist at UltraRunning, mother of 2, and horsewoman, finding adventure in Colorado in midlife. Author of “The Trail Runner’s Companion: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trail Running & Racing.”