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I, too, moved from SoCal few months ago, and I am familiar with the winters you describe... nothing like here for sure! In fear of not being able to run in the cold winter, I purchased a manual treadmill (Assault Runner) for my basement storage room ("Dave's Pain Cave") with a TV to run Zwift app. It's worked out quite well. My wife uses it often for her walks and she absolutely loves it while watching her TV shows. Manual treadmills are great because I can control the speed with my effort, so I can even do progressions, fartleks, intervals without touching any buttons. Zwift is entertaining in that I can "see" the interesting places I'm running in the virtual world to keep my mind off of physically not moving forward. However, in preparation for Sawmill 50K this past weekend, I did explore my apparel options to be able to run in single digits. While doing that, I did figure out how to run in the cold, and was quite enjoyable. Even with yesterday's snow, I got out to a local park, and ran in 20F while snow was falling.

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David, thanks for reading my archived posts! Good luck adapting to winter. I just bought an incline treadmill myself that comes with the iFit program and I'm excited to use it not just for weather, but also so I can do uphill work without the corresponding downhill impact. The second half of this post https://sarahrunning.substack.com/p/the-type-2-fun-of-a-winter-fat-ass has more specific advice on winter running.

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